Private Classes

Book your own private class and allow yourself to rest into a session specifically designed for you and your own needs. No previous experience needed.

60min classic yoga nidra CHF 120.– / session ( 3 session package CHF 320.–)

60min yoga nidra with CBD oil CHF 150.– / session ( 3 session package for 410.–)

*prices per Person. Private classes can be booked for up to 3 people. 50% of the private session fee applies to the 2nd and/or 3rd person. Classes are in English.

*students get 20% off each session / private sessions are currently held in Zurich at Yoga Tribe K3 / K6 (Wiedikon or Wipkingen). If you feel more comfortable to have a private session at your studio or home, it can be arranged. Depending on your location travel costs may be added.

How it works

After your registration and full payment, you will fill out a form, which will allow me to know you better and design the class suited for your very own needs.
Before we’ll start with your private class, we will go over it again first in person, in order to decide what will be more uplifting, supporting and healing for yourself.

What to expect

As every other practice, yoga nidra is a beautiful tool to experience calmness and peace in your body and mind. It increases mental clarity and focus. Regularly practicing Yoga Nidra will help you remain calm and centered admist whatever life throws at you. Yoga Nidra allows you to step back and look at the bigger picture. A regular practice is beneficial to build up trust and habit into meditation. It needs consistency, and it needs to be nurtured to experience all the positive effects. A private class is right for you if you might don’t want to begin in a group at the moment, need some extra attention in this time in life or simply feel that a class designed specifically for you will help to raise your awareness to your current present state.
You’ll learn how to fully relax your body, calm your mind, practice acceptance, manifestation and non judgement towards yourself.

What’s included

  • A pre check in via digital form
  • A short sit down to update your class of the day, and make sure it will be designed properly for your current present state of mind
  • A full private yoga nidra class
  • An after class sharing with tea and treats
  • Mats and props are provided

To book your spot or submit any question, email me at or fill the contact form

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