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Working with nature, in Nature.
A post full moon gathering, to fully surrender to the elements, to recharge and replenish body & mind. An opportunity to declutter the challenges of these past months while nature is in full bloom, rising along with it supported by plant medicine.

Start this Sunday differently, in ease, in a shala at the feet of the forest that will give you a feeling of being on vacation right away, surrounded by the tunes of nature.
Enjoy the soothing effects of CBD along with yin yoga, get release during little tuning fork massages, relax body & mind during yoga nidra with sound vibrations. Leave floaty and lifted.

What you will get:
– an introduction to CBD
– your own Ohana set by Malie
(a trio of 8%, 12% and 20% CBD, store value of CHF 39
– soothing yin yoga with tuning forks
– yoga nidra with sound vibrations

Further details and booking, please click here


Start your Sunday by reconnecting to your feminine essence, by exploring it through movement, stillness, and listening to everything that unravels inwards. Surrounded by lush nature next to the rushes of a stream and the sounds of the forest.

This half moon in Scorpio creates the need to delve into our feelings as deep as possible. What better chance to dive truly into what matters most to us, our desires and self acceptance, wherever we might be? Being in a space where all is valid, ready to explore it and gain clarity.

This is your opportunity to just BE, reconnect and watch everything that unfolds from your heart with no judgement, all into a safe and welcoming space, surrounded by sisterhood.

We’ll be open towards the unknown, breathe & cleanse in pranayama, explore movement & our bodies with hatha, surrender to the earth with yin yoga and dive deep into the manifesting mind in yoga nidra with gaps of sound healing.

You’ll leave reconnected to yourself, with a chance to end your weekend light, floaty and in tune with your energy. You’ll have a chance to stop, expand your perspective and win over new insights on whatever is your companion, right here, right now.

9:45 – ARRIVAL – choosing your goddess card that will lay the intention for the upcoming full moon and what might needs to be worked on
10:00 – pranayama, hatha & dance with Mymi11:00 – yin yoga, yoga nidra & sound baths with Gina12:15-12:45 – tea by the river, sharing, getting to know the message of your chosen goddess card & goodbyes
*each participant will get a rose quartz to bring home, to set intentions to and to reinforce the relationship with herself and others
*this event is designed for women only

CHF 90 – to book this class, please EMAIL


Meet yourself.Ease. Release. Transform and Explore.An opportunity to meet yourself
supported by plant medicine
on a summer
Sunday .

Away from distractions,
in a beautiful yoga shala
by the forest.

Join us on this CBD infused journey filled with Kundalini yoga, transformational breathwork, tuning fork massages, aromatherapy and yoga nidra. Leave the heavy behind and float on.

– aroma journey
– kundalini yoga
– CBD shot by Mālie (5 flavours / choice of 8%/12%/20% CBD)
– tuning fork massages
– yoga nidra for release*each participant will receive an own aroma roller, handmade for the event
*each participant will receive a 15% off voucher for Mālie holistic CBD

Further details and booking please click here


Classes are limited to a group of 15 people, teachers included.
If tools are being used during the class, they will be disinfected after each use.
Should you not be comfortable with tools being used on you (aka tuning forks) we will leave that out for you.

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