About me

Hello there! My name is Gina and my current homebase is Zurich. I grew up between Switzerland and Italy, soaking up the carachteristics of both dualities, making out of me a planner, but also a big hugger. I have a passion for roaming the world, photography, plant based cooking and techno music. Some of these things may or may not go hand in hand with a meditation practice, it’s all a matter of perspective and how you look at it. I love being a multipotentialite, since it opens up doors to different worlds, all beautiful in their own way.

I came across yoga nidra in 2015. At the time, I was desperately looking for a tool to shut my overthinking mind, and prepare myself for a good nights sleep. You know, I thought I was this kickass person who can do it all at once, until wonder woman here almost collapsed at some point. I had zero approach to meditation, despite some irregular visits to yoga classes, so for me it was the best introduction to this world, since yoga nidra is not practiced by sitting cross legged, something that can be uncomfortable in the very beginning, but by laying down on the floor. I was amazed about how I became calmer, how my general thinking and worries about the future were suddently little to non existent. I was able to listen to my intuition and tune in with the present moment, something that should be one’s number one priority. Let’s say it turned over my life, it improved it dramatically, and I practice this form of meditation, along with some sitting down visualisations and yoga, up to 6 times a week.

In 2019, I was finally able to take my practice to the next level, deepen it, and certify myself as a teacher in Goa, India, led by the amazing Meera at Diya Yoga. I enjoy guiding people into these little resting journeys, every single one of them is unique and different for each individual, this often comes out on a client’s feedback after a session. I believe this is a practice for everybody: no matter if you practice any form of yoga or are a complete beginner, no matter your age or career, the benefits of yoga nidra suit every human being at where they are in life, right here right now.

So I hope this little introduction will motivate you to gift yourself a moment to rest, revive and relax your soul. You deserve it, especially in today’s busy, spinning world.

My sessions range from a classic approach, to a Friday night cocoon at candle light, to including the healing power of CBD into a session. My upcoming classes are listed here and on my Facebook page.

*** my group classes are held in English. Private classes can be adjusted to German or Italian. They are mainly held in Zurich, Switzerland, but since I travel a lot expect some international happenings too ❤

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