Yin Yoga & Sound Vibrations : How it Feels

The Yin Yoga and Sound Vibrations workshops have been created to combine my 1:1 sound massages into a yin yoga class, in order to make people explore these two journeys in a group setting.

Yin yoga is a gentle practice that targets the fascia, the connective muscular tissue, where poses are held up to 6 minutes and the body is supported by props. When in the pose for so long, the body automatically starts to soften, stretch gently and work with gravity. This not only is beneficial for our tissues, but once you relax into the asana and your breath, the experience goes inward – the nervous system calms down, emotions get regulated, clarity can arise. Everything goes and everybody is welcome.

In between every yin yoga pose there is a rebound phase – this means that the body comes back into a neutral position to absorb the benefits of the asana you just practiced. And exactly during this time, little sound and tuning fork massages come into play.

The body is made mostly of water and water reacts to vibrations. Thus, by placing tools like singing bowls and tuning forks directly on the body, an immediate reaction happens. These tools have a very grounding effect on the physical being, as well they target deeper layers such as bringing back energy flow or release blockages. The massages happen accordingly either along the meridians or the chakra points to ensure you’ll come out revived and floaty after class.

Yin Yoga and Sound Vibrations is an opportunity to reset on a monthly basis, a lot of times along a moon phase (new or full moon) and listen deeply.

This class is an invitation to leave schedules and devices behind, and allow yourself to enjoy some well deserved me-time.

Your next Yin Yoga and Sound Vibration class in Zürich can be found listed in the group class section.

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