Mālie CBD

  Mālie: /maːˈli.e/, [maːˈlie] – hawaiian – to be calm, to be quiet.

Mālie has been created to incorporate more aloha into our lives, when things are a little heavier or frenetic. Since 2017, I was lucky enough to work in the CBD industry while it was on its rise, and since then I’ve been incorporating CBD into my own meditation and yoga practice when needed.

It has helped me tremendously, so when I started to teach, I decided to bring it along with me into the yoga world, by sharing my experience and the benefits of intuitive CBD use. For the extra stressful days, to unwind into a better sleep, to tune in deeper into self awareness, regulate hormonal imbalance or gut health and pain – plant medicine is peaking for the right reasons.

Did the world need another CBD oil brand? Not necessairly. But my motivation behind Mālie was pretty easy: I wanted to share and use a non industrial product in my classes that I know where it comes from, and is as simple as possible. I am here to give the opportunity to explore a world that still is seen as contradictory, and I want to share it especially with those who have been hesitant to try.

Mālie is produced in small batches (about 50 bottles per kind), is hand mixed and is Swiss made. All ingredients are organic, we put extra effort into even having demeter aromas. From the oil itself, to the bottles and the labels – everything has been sourced in Switzerland. There will be the three strengths available, (8% 12% and 20% CBD) which I found the most suitable for beginners and cannabis aficionados, based on my very own experience in using CBD. It comes in different flavours to suit broad preferences. CHF 5.00 from every sale will be donated to organizations that fight against plastic pollutions in oceans

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Stay aloha. Stay lifted.

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