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Monday July 13th / 8:15PM /Yoga Nidra * manifestation edition * – What is it that you really want? Did you make room and time to tune in with your dreams? Do you need a tool that supports you into taking action upon a decision? This class will help you visualize your life’s outcomes and deepest wishes buried into the subconscious mind while floating into a state of complete relaxation. A way to empower yourself into taking the right actions after gaining clarity.

Class Price: CHF 30.–
Duration: 60min

Monday June 20th / 8:15PM / Yoga Nidra and Sound – This is going to be a little deeper journey through the senses, by practicing Yoga Nidra with little sound baths added in between. Sound healing has the power of calming the nervous system down even further, and be beneficial for cell rejuvenation. There will be two gaps of sound healing through this session, giving you the opportunity to tune into the sounds of singing bowls, and additionally feel their frequency close to your body. Along with them, you will enjoy some curated ambient and mellow techno tunes. An hour to fully retreat into yourself and inner peace, The goal of this class is for you to leave light, floaty and inspired. The session will focus on the art of letting go, to gain a fresh perspective and create space for new beginnings.

Class Price: CHF 39.–
Duration: 75min


A full prepayment is required to secure your spot (via TWINT, PayPal or bank transfer). Any cancellations are non refundable. Should you not be able to attend, then you have the option to transfer the class to a friend or postpone to another available date.

Class type: classic
Language: ENG
Location: Yoga Tribe K3, Rüdigerstrasse 17, 8045 Zürich

By sign up only, registration is required, NO DROP IN – spots are limited.
To book yours send an email to:

*please note that all classes are by sign up only – no drop in.

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